Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pineapple juice and Labor?

My sister is SO close to having her baby... to the point where we're thinking of every wives tale we can that will speed up labor, from insane amounts of walking, to squats, to pineapple juice? Yah, that's what I said. I can't remember who in my family mentioned this idea but as easily as it came, it left my mind.

Today for lunch I decided on Hawaiian Haystacks which for those of you who don't know is a mixture of rice, cream of chicken soup, peas, and pineapple. I know, it sounds disgusting and weird but it's soooooooo yummy! Anyway, I was pouring the remaining pineapple juice into a cup to drink like I always do when I remembered that maybe pineapple juice induces labor.

Have any of you heard this?

I did a google search on it and this is the best answer I could find:

Abortifacient is a substance that induces abortion. I've read over and over again that pineapple is okay in moderation while you're pregnant so I'm sure my Hawaiian haystacks are just fine and I'm worrying too much, but I wanted all my other prego friends to be aware. If you have any other pineapple stories or information, PLEASE comment!

Oh, and if you want to help Britt go into labor by posting more wives tales, that would be great too!

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