Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Seriously, you need the BeBand.

The day I couldn't button my skinny jeans I headed to Target to trade them in for maternity pants and found this: The BeBand. It looked comfortable and I decided that I wasn't showing enough to justify new pants so I bought it in white. When I got home my sister had bought the same one, only in black and she swore it was more comfortable than the maternity jeans she had been wearing so I was pretty satisfied with my purchase and decided that $16.00 for a belt that I can wear with ALL my pants is definitely a better deal than 3 pairs of $35.00 maternity pants.

But then I got bigger. I started wondering more and more about the difference between the BeBand and maternity pants and I broke down and bought a pair. BIG mistake! The BeBand is definitely the more comfortable of the two. When I was teeny I was able to pull the band up to my chest for comfort and now that I'm 4 months pregnant and noticeably showing I love that I can fold it in half and suck in my love handles..

I don't know why I ever doubted the BeBand, it's hands down my favorite purchase since I became pregnant and I definitely recommend this one (or two if you want multiple colors, luckily I get my sisters black one soon) over multiple pairs of maternity pants.

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