Thursday, November 18, 2010

For the jewelry obsessed...

You can blame it on my Grandma, but I love LOVE LOVE jewelry! It's the one accessory I could never live without and can't get rid of. I am not a pack rat at all. Once a month I try to get clothes ready to sell to Plato's, I clean out my bathroom and see what I can give away as far as lotions, soaps, and gifts go, I HATE clutter! But try to get me to get rid of ANY of my jewelry and you better watch out because you're in for a fight.

So.... you KNOW I don't wear all of it. Some of it is outdated, some is from my Grandma and I don't wear it in fear of losing it, and I'll admit that a lot of it I don't even know or remember that I have it so it never gets worn.

The point of all this is that I just found, on Better homes and gardens, an entire slideshow on ways to incorporate your jewelry into home accessories. Check out some of these super cute ideas!

For step by step directions (which you don't even really need) on these, and more ideas visit BHG!

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