Friday, November 5, 2010

Do you know what your Health Insurance covers?

I've always heard people say that it's important to look over your medical bills and make sure the Insurance company is paying what they should be but I never had enough bills to really worry about it and it seemed like a lot of work.

Well now I have medical bills. And with all my other prego friends out there, I know you do too so I wanted to just share a little story with you to make you aware of what you're paying for. My company has a couple different plans to choose from, and luckily I was choosing right after I found out I was pregnant so I was able to pay more attention to what would benefit me and the baby when I made my decision. I chose the plan with the best prenatal costs, obviously.

I got a bill in the mail about a month ago for my last visit which included a lab fee of $20.00 and WHAT? $67.00 for my prenatal visit? When I got to work the next day I double checked my benefit summary and I was right, prenatal visit's are $0. So I called the insurance company expecting a fight but they were really nice and the lady took car of it. I just got the NEW bill for $20.00. I'm so glad I called and I realized how much it really pays to look over your bills and make sure they're correct. Even Insurance company's make mistakes.

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