Friday, November 19, 2010

Another reason I LOVE Southwest!

I ALWAYS fly Southwest. (except for that one time at Christmas Delta had a cheaper flight, but I made up for it by having to pay for extra bags and I REALLY did feel bad about it) Not only do they have great customer service, specials, prices, and they let you take 3 free bags, but now I just learned that they have a great refund policy as well.

With my sister so close to having her baby and me wanting to visit my family so bad I can't think straight, I've changed my flight about 4 times. My last flight made me sick when I thought I was going to have to pay $400 dollars for a round trip ticket to Utah but it turned out fine once I realized that my sister wasn't going into labor anytime soon and Thanksgiving wasn't going to work anyway.

So now, Southwest is having a special where select flights are as low as $60 one way (mine was $80) if you book by November 22nd. I switched my flight this last Monday so that I could go the first weekend in December and ended up getting a refund back of $214. This thought scared me more than anything. I pictured myself hassling the airlines 2 months from now because the money still wasn't refunded or that because I did it all online I misunderstood or did something wrong... just my luck. So imagine my surprise when I looked at my bank account this morning and had the full refund!! 4 days later! CRAZY!!

I love Southwest, I love Southwest, I LOVE Southwest!!!

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