Friday, November 5, 2010

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You've heard that my car has been having issues. About a month ago I discovered that my car HATES hills and makes this terrible grinding noise every time I go up one, and then the grinding noise decided to just stick around all the time. SO embarassing and so annoying. I absolutely hate car problems!! So I took it to Les Scwab thinking it had something to do with the wheel bearings or axel which it didn't but they got my dad and I to replace the brake calipers instead. Yah, we're suckers. The problem still didn't go away and after searching a million forums and blogs I still couldn't figure out where this noise could be coming from, I finally had to take it to a mechanic that I was unsure about since I'm new to the area and they told me that I needed a new engine bracket but wouldn't tell me the cost until I have them order the part. Okay. So luckily my dad knew how to fix it instead. Kind of. It was good for 3 days and now it's making the noise again.

Cars are SO much hassle! I have been wishing there was an easier way to diagnose my problem, find a mechanic, and get an estimate. With a baby on the way I don't have the time, energy, or funds to be screwed over and taken advantage of.

Well now there's a way!

Repair pal is so nice! You can get online estimates for service and repair in your area, all you have to do is click on estimate, plug in your car information, and you're good to go. All FREE!! There's also a mechanic directory (I just looked up Houston) a car info tab where you plug in your cars information and it has posts from other car owners of your model talking about repairs they've had to make, and there's an encylopedia with helpful tips. Girls - do you want to know more about what actually goes on during an oil change?

I just learned that my dad and I totally got taken on the Rotors and Calipers If I had known about Repir Pal sooner, I would have saved anywhere from $100-$150! If you have car problems, this is definitely the place to go!

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