Wednesday, April 20, 2011

She's here!!

I'd love for you to meet Olivia Lucille Mercado
She was born April 15th, 2011
7.0 pounds, 18.25 inches

There will be light posting, as I'm enjoying my baby girl!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Covergirl Natureluxe {Review}

As a BzzAgent, I received a sample of Natureluxe Silk Foundation and Natureluxe Gloss Balm in the mail yesterday, and tried it for the first time this morning. I already am a HUGE fan of Covergirl, it's the only make-up I use and I love how affordable it is.

This is a pic of of the foundation and lip gloss so you know what to look for, believe me, you want to be looking for this! When I put it on this morning, it was like putting on moisturizer. It was SO silky, a little went a loooong way, and it SMELLED GOOD!! Yah what? Make up that smells like lotion? I was so excited, that I brought it to work with me, and have made every women who walks in my office try it out! Haha. Oh! and the best part?? I looked online for the price and it's only $10 a bottle and did I mention that a little goes a long way? This is more than a great deal when compared to the other 'natural' foundations out there.

The lip gloss is really nice too. When I received it I thought it looked a little dark for what I like to wear, but once applied it was actually REALLY pretty! I have the #260 Clay Argile. It stays glossy too, I've only had to re-apply it once today and that was after I ate lunch.

And if this isn't enough to have you convinced, here are some other great facts about the Naturluxe line:

- Provides a smooth, silky feel
- Contains refreshing cucumber water to help balance the creaminess on application
- Made with hints of jojoba and rosehip extracts
- Abailable in 14 shades ranging from light to dark tones
- Oil free, SPF 10 and dermatologically tested
- The gloss balm has SPF 15

I know that a lot of you read reviews all the time and just think that it's there because we're receiving the items and feel obligated to write a great review about it, but it's not true. Believe me, I have a stack of things to review that I've had for weeks and wasn't impressed with. I JUST got this yesterday and love it so much that I couldn't WAIT to shout a great review to the world. Covergirl has done it again!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Giveaways I've won

Look at the fun giveaways I've won and received in the mail yesterday!

This is called Blamtastic lip balm. They make really fun lip balm for boys and girls as well as these cute little lip balm holders that can be attached to backpacks, purses, or belt loops.

I won this giveaway at Bless Their Hearts Mom

I feel really bad about this one... I can't remember what blog I won it from and there wasn't a note or letter in the package. It's a 4 DVD set friend pack. I already won one for my little one, this one will be for my niece. I know she'll love it!

And last are these Silly Bandz Silly Charms. How cute are they? I'm going to give them to my 7 year old sister. These are BFF designed, and they come with clip on beads so you can customize.

I won these from Take it from me

Disney Movie Rewards Codes


Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm still here!

But I'm consumed by EVERYTHING baby! I'm trying so hard to focus on life and other things but I just can't get motivated... unless it has to do with getting this baby out!!