Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thank You cards by Simplywheat on Etsy

My friend Megan posted on her Facebook status last week about a fun little pay it forward game where she would send the first 5 people who commented on the status, a handmade gift. The only rule was that if you commented, you in return had to post the same status on you Facebook and send a handmade gift to 5 people. Thus, paying it forward.

She was FAST!! And I was really excited because I know how crafty she is.
Look what was in my mailbox:

Baby Girl Thank You notes! And they're SO cute!!

I just found out that she opened her own Etsy shop, Simplywheat, where she's selling them!

She'll be posting 3 new cards a week and will be updating me, and then I will update you.

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