Thursday, January 6, 2011

BEST eating plan I've seen this year!

As I mentioned in a previous post I always watch the Today show while I eat breakfast and get ready for work. Well, on the 3rd... whatever day that was I got bored with whatever they were talking about and switched to another News program and found this AWESOME diet.

I HATE diets!!!!!!! They do not work, and as a daughter and niece of nutritionists I have learned that eating right and exercise is the only way to go. However, sometimes you still need help knowing what is good to eat and it's even easier if you have someone to plan the meals for you and show you what goes together for the best results.

I also HATE cleanses!!!! You should never starve yourself to be skinny and you will double the pounds once you stop the cleanse.

So anyway, I saw this diet food plan when I was watching this News program and loved it. It was SO easy, had a ton of variety, and she even had a 4 day cleanse that jump starts you losing 8 pounds but you EAT!! There are I believe 4 or 5 different things that you eat for those 4 days and she gives you a variety of meals to prepare with those foods.

I couldn't remember which News show I was watching (I didn't pay much attention since I was pregnant but then realized I really want to try this after the baby is born) so I had to email about 4 different stations and I finally found it!!

The book is called Cinch!: Conquer cravings, drop pounds, and lose inches by Cynthia Sass

You can also watch The Early Show segment HERE.

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