Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Outsmarting the Female fat cell - After Pregnancy

I can't even explain in words how excited I was to find this book at the Library over the weekend! I read it seriously in about an hour. As I've mentioned in a few of my previous posts, I've been paying attention to eating plans and work out plans that have been all over TV thanks to everyone's New Years resolutions preparing myself for April, when Olivia will be born.

I couldn't WAIT to put on my running shoes, strap her in her stroller, and get rid of this pregnancy weight! Well, I read this book and it's AMAZING!! I discovered that my expectations were WAY too high. Did you know that it takes your fat cells 6 months to realize that you're not pregnant anymore, and you're not having another child anytime soon?

That means it's pretty much pointless to diet or try to lose weight by exercising.. not that you shouldn't eat right and excercise for your overall health, just don't expect to shed pounds from it. I'm SO glad I read this book... now I know how high to set my expectations and when I can plan on really shedding my pregnancy weight. The first 6 months will be about my baby girl :)

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