Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Is anyone else stressed about flying with an infant?

Maybe it's just my situation because most of my family is in Utah and I'm in Oregon, but the biggest thing I stress about (and it's the smallest thing I SHOULD stress about) is flying with my baby. Olivia is due in April and I'm wanting to take her to Utah in July to introduce her to her family and have her blessed. I keep thinking about where she'll sit, how many bags I can take, whether or not she'll scream the entire time...

Then I found THIS article by Kate at and it answered my biggest question about whether or not you should take your carseat with you on the plane, whether or not you should pay for an infant seat, and what to look for in a carseat if you plan on traveling. I would recommend anyone who is planning on traveling with an infant or toddler to read this.

Now I'm off to find help on my other flying fears!

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