Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Nursery decor!

I am SO IN LOVE with baby headbands and bows! Ever since I started seeing them on babies years ago I've fantasized about the day I could pop one on my baby girl's head. Thank goodness they're still fashionable today!

But they're also EXPENSIVE!! So I took my own advice from a previous post and with .50 cent knee highs from Walmart and flowers from Goodwill (which, I'm telling you is the BEST option. They have a variety of mismatched flowers for a buck!), I was able to make 5 flower clips and two headbands for $2!!

What's more fun, is that with a cheap ribbon I was able to make a flower and bow holder which makes yet another super cheap nursery decoration. Here is the one I have now, and then I'll make another one next to it with bows instead of flowers. See how cute?:

 And speaking of Nursery decor, I finally hung her curtains!! They're SOOOO pink, but I think once the rest of her bedding comes it will be cute :)


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  3. I make headbands and clips for babies in my Etsy store. You did a really great job! Your nursery is so pretty to!

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