Monday, December 20, 2010

My hair is amazing because of... Suave??

Okay, so remember my post a couple weeks ago about my awesome Herbal Essences find at Target? Well, I took my brand new bottles of Shampoo and Conditioner with me to Utah and left them in my parents bathroom. Lovely. So when I got home that night, I searched through dozens of hair care products, lotions, and body sprays I have under my sink trying to find a drop of conditioner I could use until the next morning when I could make it to the store for some more.

All I had was Suave from what had to be my senior year of High School. The next day, my hair was AMAZING!! It was soft, it did what I wanted it to do, the frizz and flyaways were gone... WTH?! I've been paying over $5 a bottle since High School when I could have paid $1??

It makes sense though, I always look at my old pictures and wish my hair still looked that good... I just blamed it on age or changing of styles and times but no, SUAVE IS AWESOME!! I used it for two weeks and had great hair so you'd think I'd be sold. Nope, a couple days ago I again bought some more Herbal Essences and have used it twice and my hair sucks! You better believe I'm a Suave girl from here on out!!

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