Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Because I can...

I HAVE to share my obsession with One Tree Hill. My friend Laura introduced me to it early last year when she convinced me to have a One Tree Hill marathon with her. I was hooked, although when I watch replay's of the first couple season's now, I have no idea why I was interested or how I got hooked. Anyway, I rented all the seasons from the library after that so I could get caught up and then when I moved here, my sister and I made Tuesday night our One Tree Hill night.

I just watched Tuesday's episode on HULU and wow, it's definitely the best episode I've seen. I love that the show has grown with it's audience and that while it has little drama, it's something I can always relate to and it has great values. I always end up in a feel good mood when it's over.

If you're not a One Tree Hill fan, I would definitely suggest giving it a try, this is one show that I can see lasting a looooooong time.

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