Monday, December 13, 2010

And now, more of an explanation....

I know, I know, blogging shouldn't take up that much time but in reality it takes a lot more time to find 4 posts a day than you would imagine. I was still looking for amazing deals while I took a writing break and if I found any irresistable ones, I promise I posted them.

I've been so busy!!! I was visiting my family in Utah for the Holidays, and then I had to move and unpack immediately after I returned home, and then I wanted to spend as much time with my baby niece as I could, not to mention a new term started at the college I work for which meant non-stop work and even over time.

I'm back to normal now and I felt so bad for neglecting Stiletto's to Strollers. Thank you so much for sticking around, this blog is so important to me!

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