Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So the smoothies didn't work...

Earlier this year I wrote about Green Smoothies and how I was using them to lose the baby weight. That didn't last long. I NEED to chew things and I got really bored of smoothies after a couple of weeks. Turns out smoothies and juicing just isn't for me. It really didn't make me lose that much weight anyway. I was losing maybe a 1/2 pound to a pound a week. With my new eating plan I'm losing up to 3 pounds a week! I'm not doing anything crazy either, just switching up some eating habits. Here's what's worked for me:

Track your calories!! This is the MOST important thing to do when losing weight. I've done a ton of weight losing in the past so I'm pretty familiar with calorie content, but am still amazed when I eat a SMALL shake that's 700 calories... that's an entire meal! I've found that I don't snack as much either because it would just take too much time to log 5 M&M's. When you're aware of what you're eating and the calorie content of each item, it is SO much easier to stay within your calorie budget. My favorite app for calorie counting is Lose It. It tracks food, workouts, and goals.

Find healthy recipes. Thanks to Pinterest, there are so many healthy recipes at your fingertips. There are also a ton of substitutions and ideas to make your favorite meals taste just as good with fewer calories. I really haven't heard Mike complain that any of the food I make tastes differently than it did with the fatty recipe.

Get moving. I had no idea how many calories I burn while cleaning the house, rocking Jet, or doing basic child care activities. You have to do it anyway, so make the most of it. Park in the back of the parking lot, take the stairs, or go for a walk on your break.

Use a small plate. I've heard this many times and guess what? It works! My plate looks full at dinner time and I'm full after eating.

Try to find a good balance. I'm using the 60% carbs, 20% fats, 20% protein ratio. Lose it tracks this for you! I don't worry too much at Breakfast or Lunch but when I'm deciding what to make for dinner I'll look at my ratios and see what I need more of and less of and go from there. It is SO easy!

Seriously, this has been the easiest way to lose weight ever. After a couple of weeks you don't even have to think about it because it's a lifestyle change, not a diet and when you see the weight fall off it's even easier to stay on track. It will take time and work but I'm healthy and will have long term results. Diets DON'T work and quick fixes are temporary. I'll be posting updates on my success and hope that you guys will join in too!

What are you doing this year to get in shape?

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