Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fisher Price Rainforest Playmat {Review}

Olivia's Dad ordered this Rainforest playmat for her and I love it so much that I would feel guilty if I didn't share a review. One of my challenges as a new Mom has been trying to clean the house, or cook, or get ready while still being able to entertain my daughter and keep her happy. She's a mama's girl and she loves to be held! 
THIS WORKS!! I have a swing... she's not a fan, a bouncer... not a fan of that either. This playmat is one of the CUTEST I've seen and it has so many features that keep her occupied. I've never seen so many toys come with a playmat before. It also plays music, lights up, and has little butterflies that spin above her head. It's great for boys OR girls and all the toys have different textures great for learning. The mat itself has a lot of fun features too! There are tags that pop out for them to play with while they're on their tummy and she loves the leaf that makes a crinkly noise. I'm SO impressed and the best part is that it's affordable! You can get it new on Amazon for less than 50 bucks!

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